Our Purpose

Equipping Parents

Parents need information to be able to make wise decisions regarding the education of their children. Whether your children attend public school, private school, or are homeschooled, you can apply God's principles in teaching your children. We provide resources for you to equip yourself to be the caretakers of your children's education. 

Equipping Teachers

Teachers have very little extra time on their hands. We provide relevant and helpful resources to keep you informed and strengthen your faith. We want to equip you to apply God's principles in teaching wherever you may be called to teach- public school, private school, or homeschool. 

Equipping Students

Students in high school and college face numerous and significant challenges. We want to help you understand how God's principles apply to your life as a student. Our resources can help strengthen your faith and equip you to overcome the challenges you face and enable you to grow as a student. 


Angela Ruark, Doctoral Candidate

Angela Ruark is a doctoral candidate at Liberty University. Her area of expertise is math anxiety. She is a published author in several middle school and high school mathematics textbooks and education research articles. 

For over 25 years, she has taught students in private schools, public schools, and numerous homeschool groups.  Angela also owns a private tutoring business that specializes in math (middle school through undergraduate levels), Chemistry, and Physics. 

Angela believes that the study of math and science provides perfect opportunities to see the magnificence of our Creator. Her passion is to make math approachable and understandable for students of all ages and to bring biblical truths to life through examples in math and science.  

She and her husband, Bill, of 27 years, have three grown sons. 


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